Cuts to Care 4 Kids Program Will Cost the State in the Long-Run (WNPR, 12/7/2016)

Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood is changing their eligibility rules for a child care subsidy program due in part to increased costs.

Starting December 31, the Care 4 Kids program will stop taking applications from people who have received benefits from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families within the last five years, or teen parents.

Wednesday the Commission on Women, Children, and Seniors, in collaboration with the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, held an informational forum.

April Lucier, a mother of two from Middletown, explained what her future would look like without the Care 4 Kids program.

“I wouldn’t be able to afford child care, and then I wouldn’t be able to afford to work, and it’s like a ripple effect,” she said. “And then I would be homeless with my children, and I would be possibly in a shelter.”

State representative Daniel Rovero spoke briefly. He acknowledged the state budget shortfall but said he opposes any cuts to child care.

“As far as I’m concerned — and I’ve looked at this for quite a few years — if we cut Child 4 Care, it is one item in the budget we might save today, but it’s going to cost a lot of money in the future,” said Rovero.

It’s estimated that 1,800 families could be affected by the changes to the program.

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