Joan Barere

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As the CWCS’s Senior Policy Analyst on Children and Family, Joan Barere serves as the agency’s main legislative liaison on children’s issues. Drawing on her considerable background in workforce development, strategic development, management, and corporate and municipal law and finance, Barere advocates for children and families from multiple perspectives: as underserved populations, as unique voices that deserve respect, dignity, and focused attention, and as untapped resources of our state’s economy. She comes to the CWCS from the former Commission on Children, where she worked on state and national research and public policy formation on such topics as the Two-Generational Initiative. Immediately before joining the State, Barere worked as strategic planner for Capital Workforce Partners. Her prior career in the private sector included nearly a decade in private practice with a national law firm in Washington, D.C. She earned her S.B. from the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT and a JD from NYU School of Law.

Contact Information: Email –, Direct Line – (860) 240-0017