Livable Communities – Background

Connecticut for Livable Communities is an initiative of Connecticut’s Commission on Women, Children and Seniors to prepare Connecticut for its growing aging population while promoting policies that enhance the lives of the present and future generations of older adults.

Through our collaborative and long-standing work in changing how and where people receive long-term services and supports, we know that people want to stay in their homes and communities and to have choice, independence and dignity. And recognizing unprecedented longevity in Connecticut’s population, coupled with sheer increases in the number of older adults, the Connecticut General Assembly charged Connecticut’s Legislative Commission on Aging with facilitating this initiative (Public Act 13-109).

Did You Know?

  • Connecticut has the 3rd highest life expectancy in the nation, at 80.8 years.
  • Connecticut is the 7th oldest state in the nation, based on median age.
  • Between 2010 and 2040, Connecticut’s population of people age 65 and older is projected to grow by 57%. Its population of people age 20 to 64 is projected to grow by less than 2% during the same period.
  • These demographic shifts represent a permanent transformation not only for Connecticut but around the globe.