Mission & Priorities

The Commission on Women, Children and Seniors (CWCS) is a non-partisan arm of the Connecticut General Assembly. As staff to the legislature, the CWCS researches best practices, coordinates stakeholders, and promotes public policies that are in the best interest of Connecticut’s underserved and underrepresented women, children and older adults.

The agency recognizes that the experiences and needs of each population, while interconnected, are unique and may require individual public policy action. Therefore, the commission’s legislative priority areas are meant to:

For Women:

  • Enhance women’s economic security through leadership development and such family-friendly workplace policies as  paid family leave and pay equity;
  • Ensure wellness throughout the lifespan, including access to the full range of reproductive healthcare; and
  • Eliminate gender-based discrimination in the workplace and in government.

For Children:

  • Empower families and community leaders to be change agents on behalf of children;
  • Remove the economic and academic obstacles that prevent children and their families from reaching their full potential; and
  • Promote the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children.

For Seniors:

  • Promote economic security, choice and independence for older adults in both work and retirement;
  • Support livable and accessible communities where older adults can retain their dignity and age in place; and
  • Enhance the safety and wellbeing of seniors by preventing physical abuse and financial exploitation.